A palette of basic aromas for all your beverages

    ESENCIA, the specialist in brandy aromas.

    ESENCIA, Spirit of aroma, natural aromas
    for your BRANDY.

  • Wine coolers


    New aromatics trends: ESENCIA, in tune with the market and its eye on the future.

    ESENCIA, A range of aromas for producing Wine Coolers and Alcopops.

  • Vermouth

    Quinquina, Gentiane, Spanish or French Bitter, Dry or Sweet Vermouth: ESENCIA, 80 years of tradition and experience at your service.

    ESENCIA, A range of aromatising formulas and aromas for producing Vermouth and Bitter aromatised wines.

  • Sangria

    Fruit, spices, plants : with its Iberian origins, ESENCIA guarantees unique expertise for flavouring your sangrias.

    ESENCIA, A range of aromatising formulas and aromas for producing Sangrias and wine-based aromatised beverages.


taninESENCIA specialises in the design, development, production and marketing of water and alcohol-based natural wood extracts, in liquid and powder form, to reproduce the structural or aromatic aspects of wood, depending on the desired effects.
ESENCIA offers an exceptional range of liquid oak concentrates. Distinctive choices include extracts of air dried (18-24 months, source dependent) French or American oak of different toast levels.
ESENCIA is an industry leader in extracting aromatic compounds from wood and is well-established in the food, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries for its oak derived products as well as for its grape polyphenols (skin and seed tannin) and its tannin extracts of chestnut, gall nut, acacia, mimosa…

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